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A Bud Shots update, some up close and personal macro shots of some dried buds. Lots of lovely crystals, glimmering in the light. All of the new images can be seen from the thumbnails below, and also appear in the Bud Shots Gallery.

16 October 2008 at 04:25pm | Add comment

Bud Shot Gallery

Hi there,

This is the new StickyPoint Magazine Blog, launching in conjunction with some minor updates and tweaks to the already existing StickyPoint Magazine website. We wanted to create a new platform to keep in touch with our readers on a regular basis; along the way delivering sweet sweet Bud Shots, news from around the office, things we come across on the net, competitions and topic discussion.

On the right sidebar you’ll find links to the new Bud Shot gallery, wallpapers & readers pics. We welcome anyone out there who wants to post their weed related pic in our readers pics gallery to send them in, shoot it through in an email to

News from around the office is that Issue 05 should be hitting shelves in the next week or two. Yes, it is a little later than we were a) anticipating, b) hoping for and c) wanted. Such is life in the world of publishing, but I assure you we still aim to provide the best we can. Some time ago, when our first issue was still just a small sapling, people said that we wouldn’t get a fifth issue out there… I guarantee you it is just around the corner.

Speaking of Issue 5, it is JAM PACKED with Bud Shots. We had been hearing from a few sources that our readers wanted to see more Bud Shots, so we paid attention to the requests. There is a sweet variety of outdoors and indoors and some buds plucked just after harvest.

In the not-too-distant future we will be running a small competition through this blog, with a SoloPipe up for grabs. More details to come soon.

3 September 2008 at 01:16am | Add comment

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