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17 December 2008 | SPIN TRIM COMPETITION!!!

spin_trimTo kick off the festive season, today we are starting a competition giveaway…. with 1st prize a brand spankin’ new Spin Trim.

The Spin Trim is a gentle and effortless hand operated leaf trimming machine, which we had to see to believe. We were amazed at its effeciency despite how simplistic the machine appears to be… and the quality of the end result is simply awesome. No more seized up scissors and white knuckles. No more pain-staking hours of cut, cut, cuttity cut.

Competition is open to all Australians, entries close March 10th 2009. To enter, complete the simple form below… that’s it! Entry limited to 1 entry per person.



StickyPoint Issue 6 will be hitting the shelves in the new year.

17 December 2008 at 12:25pm |

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