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Whatsup! I cover music events for Stickypoint, and thought it was about time to start talking tunes on this site. I’ll be posting news, reviews, interviews and various opinions about quality music events in Oz, and artists worldwide who are blowing it up. I’d love to hear your opinions on the content, or music stuff you’ve read about in the mag- let’s make this a dope discussion!

Let’s start with some fatty links:

  • some of the dopest mixes online can be found at – make sure you check out the mixes section in the forum- all free, all good!
  • I’m also diggin – two Vancouver dudes with some sick mixes you can download for free- reggae, hip hop, funk, dubstep, dancehall, ragga, grime- all good shit!

Check back in the coming weeks for exclusive reviews & interviews.


11 November 2008 at 01:03pm |

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