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29 October 2008 | StickyPoint Back Issues

Recently the number of requests we receive for back issues of StickyPoint has grown, which we think is awesome. We are nearing the 2 year anniversary since the first issue hit the shelves, so it is reassuring to know that there are new readers of the magazine who have an interest to see its history.

We don’t sell back issues of the magazine through our website, but a few of our retailers do stock back issues; such as Off Ya Tree. However, if you are not close to an Off Ya Tree store, their online store also offers all the back issues. Bongs N Things also have the first 3 issues of StickyPoint in their online store, with Issue 2 and 3 on sale for $7.46AUD.

In terms of getting copies of the current issue, your best bet is to check our store locator. Please be aware though, the store locator list may contain retailers who have not advised us that they no longer stock the magazine.

In some circumstances you may find that a retailer chooses to not display the magazine due to high numbers of theft (we have heard of this from a few places), or that they feel it is not appropriate for display on the shelf. We have also been told that some retailers also sell out quickly. In any case, unfortunately we cannot control the actions of the retailers. Our advice is to ask the retailer, hopefully it is being held behind the counter or they can order more in.

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